is excited to announce it will be launching for Revit workflows and showcasing its core capabilities in IT, BIM and Apps for digital construction and design companies, at Digital Construction Week 2017. provides BIM managers with a REAL TIME graphical display/dashboard providing visibility and unified views across all Revit teams and projects being worked on within a firm; accessible anytime, from anywhere. helps to quickly identify, predict, and manage potential errors, disruptions or project downtime BEFORE it impacts schedules.

The technology company will also be launching IRONfile, a new cloud back-up solution providing 12 year storage for Architects and Construction professionals responsible for data retention compliance. IRONfile’s cloud based data back-up is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Designed for clients in architecture and construction but usable by any industry it cost effectively manages historical and current data so client costs are drastically reduced over time.  IRONfile provides version control and access, user permission levels, and data is archived and searchable.

Visit on stand E47 at DCW from 18-19th October for a demo of both products.

Also, don’t miss’s Director of BIM Services, Liam Southwood, presenting as part of the show’s free to attend seminar programme on the Tech Stage on Oct. 19th at 1:15, where he will review the evolution of IT-as-a-Service, with a particular focus on emergent, affordable and performant platforms for Revit model hosting and collaboration.

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