The construction sector remains a key building block within the global economy, worth an estimated £2.64 trillion on an annual basis, but the value generated by the sector is still being held back by longstanding inefficiencies.

Data from the UK Green Building Council estimates that 15 per cent of materials delivered to construction sites end up going to landfill as a result of mismanaged scheduling and purchasing – a trend that has a negative impact on productivity, health and safety and profitability. As such, the emergence of new technologies in the last few years which promise to address these concerns could represent a game-changing development for construction businesses worldwide.

With a recent report from construction company OSC highlighting four of the key tech trends that are reshaping how projects are managed, planned and completed, it is becoming more important than ever for workers and managers to get ahead of the curve and find out how these developments could help to minimise wastage, enhance efficiency and address key environmental and safety issues in the near future.

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