In Brief Apple is expected to announce the release of the new iPhone in September. Along with it will come a new feature of iOS 11, the ARKit, which allows developers to integrate AR into apps and games.

Recently, YouTubers have been using Apple’s upcoming ARKit to produce some fantastic augmented reality creations. ARKit is a new framework that will be included in iOS 11 that can be used to create objects in augmented reality  digital objects that will appear onscreen as if they exist in the real environment. The technology will provide developers with a new way to increase interactivity in their apps and games, blending the digital world with the real in ways never before possible on an Apple device.

The framework utilizes advanced technology to accurately track surroundings and movement. It will be able to detect surfaces and place objects on them, allowing for seemingly realistic interaction between digitally rendered objects and the surrounding environment. Other potential uses of the tool include restaurant menus and video game design.

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