The directors of Bloom Technologies, Dan Arnold and Anu Rastogi, believe 3D scanning is lagging behind. They say that if you look at a typical terrestrial laser scanner, you’ll see that the electrical components, battery consumption, and embedded operating systems haven’t changed much over the years. 3D scanning software hasn’t fared much better. “The thing we notice about the scanning industry, generally, is that there is a lot of legacy stuff,” says Arnold.

BloomCE, the company’s flagship software product, is a point cloud engine designed to buck the trend.

In addition to looking contemporary, and including a number of modern programming touches, BloomCE does more than the “point cloud polishers” that you’re used to. Sure, it offers web sharing, annotation, measurement, and collaboration functions, but it’s also a design and construction tool uses point clouds as a drawing primitive. That means it allows you to select and manipulate point cloud objects as if they were part of a digital photo, or CAD objects. That means it can also offer an integrated environment for extremely fast viewing and editing of CAD data alongside your as-built point cloud data, and perform clash detection from point cloud to point cloud, point cloud to CAD, and CAD to CAD.

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